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Poll Identifies Income Inequality as Key Issue in D.C. Ward 2

According to an April 13-15 poll (conducted by Public Policy Polling), key issues for likely Democratic voters in Ward 2 include addressing income inequality, as well as improving schools and building more affordable housing. The majority of likely Democratic voters in the ward indicated that these three issues were very important to them.

When asked if the election for Ward 2 councilmember were held today and the candidates were Jack Evans, John Fanning, Jordan Grossman, Patrick Kennedy, Brooke Pinto, and Kishan Putta, 9% of Ward 2 likely voters said they would vote for Jack Evans, 6% for John Fanning, 6% for Jordan Grossman, 18% for Patrick Kennedy, 4% for Brooke Pinto, 8% for Kishan Putta, 4% for someone else, and 46% were not sure.

After hearing information about each candidate, 8% of Ward 2 likely voters would vote for Jack Evans, 11% for John Fanning, 12% for Jordan Grossman, 15% for Patrick Kennedy, 6% for Brooke Pinto, 8% for Kishan Putta, 3% for someone else, and 37% were not sure.

For additional poll results:

Ward 2 Results
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