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D.C. Attorney General Karl Racine Brings Lawsuit Against Electrical Contractor Power Design

Attorney General Karl A. Racine today announced a lawsuit against Power Design, Inc., a national electrical contractor, for failing to classify hundreds of its workers as employees and cheating them out of wages and benefits.

“Power Design cheated hundreds of District workers out of their hard-earned wages and stripped them of their legal rights,” said Attorney General Karl Racine. “When companies misclassify employees as independent contractors, they steal from their workers and gain an unfair advantage over competitors that follow the law. Today’s lawsuit is about protecting employees and businesses that play by the rules and punishing businesses that do not. District employers that illegally misclassify workers are now on notice that their theft will not be tolerated.”

“Companies like this one are the ones destroying middle class jobs in this country. Breaking every law that protects workers. Great job to Karl Racine and the DCAG office for standing with construction workers in Washington DC.” Said Stephen Courtien

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