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Accelerate Maryland and BDCBT Sign MOU

Baltimore-DC Building Trades Sign MOU with Accelerate Maryland Partners

Washington, D.C. - March 15, 2021 - Last week, the Baltimore-DC Building Trades (BDCBT) announced a landmark MOU with Accelerate Maryland Partners, beginning a collaboration to create an agreement for the American Legion Bridge project that connects I-270 to I-70.

The American Legion Bridge project will expand transit options, ensure trip reliability, and reduce some of the worst congestion in the nation This MOU takes the necessary step to make sure that the workforce consists of high-quality local labor and that the project will provide Maryland residents with the opportunity to launch a family-sustaining career in the construction industry.

“This partnership represents the latest example of developers working alongside labor to secure well-paying opportunities with high labor standards for our local workforce,” said Stephen Courtien, President of the Baltimore-DC Building Trades. “Our highly trained men and women are the most skilled in the region and we are ready to get to work on this exciting, new project. This is truly a ‘success has many fathers’ moment, and we commend Accelerate Maryland Partners for working collaboratively with us to make this project a reality.”

Accelerate Maryland Partners bring a strong track record of exceeding subcontracting diversity goals, investing in workforce development programs, and partnering with local trades unions to deliver the highest-quality work possible.

These are the types of jobs and career opportunities that truly strengthen communities and build up the middle-class. As the local and national economy begins to heal from the recession caused by COVID-19, it’s imperative that business and labor work together to create more opportunities like this for working class Americans.

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